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#UpYourGame June 9, 2015

2015-06-09 7:00pm Tim Faulkner Gallery
1512 Portland Ave, Louisville, Kentucky 40203

It’ll be like Speed-Dating for game developers!
This is to help connect artists with programmers to make better games in our area.
New people welcome!
The event is FREE to attend.

* If you are an ARTIST who makes 2D or 3D art (paintings, digital art, computer models, etc), with art that you can show, and are interested in possibly working on a video game, this event is for you.
* If you are a MUSICIAN or sound designer, with sound and music samples you can bring, who is interested in possibly working on a video game, this event is for you.
* If you are a game PROGRAMMER with a prototype of a game (or full working copy) and can show the game, this event is for you.

We need information on how many people will be showing games and art, so we can figure out how to organize the event.


ChompTheBit Recap!

Friday night was a huge success!

20 local developers from southern Indiana, Lexington, and our own Louisville based GameDevLou crew showed off their latest work to a big crowd at Zanzabar in louisville.

Zanzabar is a great spot here in Louisville that is known for having a multitude of awesome retro arcade cabinets and pinball machines.

The event was a big launch party for local studio Mommy’s Best Games‘ new mobile game ‘Finger Derpy’. Nathan and Amy Fouts (Mommy’s Best Games) had several fun activities planned, including contests with great prizes like custom Finger Derpy themed Louisville Stoneware plates!

Thanks again to Mommy’s Best Games, and Zanzabar for making this all possible, it was a great opportunity to show Louisville that yes, we do make games here, and they are rad!

Check out the games that were shown:

My old Kentucky Home

by: Amanda Wallace


by: Frogdice

Party Game Heroes including: the Lickening, Space Jeff, PPong, and more!

by: Matthew Hudgins

Disc Jockey Jockey

by: mildmojo

Spring Break 2033

by: Super Soul

No Limit Racing &
RUSH Wingsuit Racing

by: Zach Smith

Play local games at Chomp The Bit this Friday!

Chomp The Bit pop up arcade Zazabar Louisville Kentucky

Play video games made right here in Kentucky and Indiana!

For one night only, come celebrate Mommy’s Best Games’ April release of “Finger Derpy” on the App Store with some home-grown gaming goodness. Game developers from around the region are bringing their latest and greatest games for you to play! For FREE!

-No Cover
-Open to the Public
-Lots of NEW video games!!!
-Talk to the developers and show them some love!
-Tasty Zbar food and drink available

Bring out the whole family for dinner and games.
Then have your kids drive themselves home at 8:00, so you can stay out late to drink and game with us!

6pm-8pm, all ages
After 8pm, 21 and up

Friday 2015-04-10 at 6:00pm – 11:00pm


2100 S Preston St, Louisville, Kentucky 40217

Please RSVP HERE:  Facebook Event Page

Get Directions

GameDevLou at Louisville Arcade Expo!

GameDevLou showed off our games at the Louisville Arcade Expo 2015 on March 8-9 2015

GameDevLou at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015

Run Jump Dev at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015

GameDevLou at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015

Mommy's Best Games at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015

We had part of a booth in what will now be called “Indie alley” at ArcadeRX, and we hope to go again and exibit next year with even more polished games and more local indies!

Louisville Arcade Expo:
Twitter: @arcaderx
Website: arcaderx.com

Our Global Game Jam 2015 Games!

Cops Run!

by Chris Bellow,Martin Reimer

Cops Run! by Chris Bellow and Martin Reimer

Run from the Cops and don’t get nailed by their flying donuts of death(right now donuts don’t do any damage so you will be safe)!


by Anthony Quisenberry,Joey J Andrews,Jonathan Frazier,Rex Soriano,Wes Wright
GO MAN! by Anthony Quisenberry,Joey J Andrews,Jonathan Frazier,Rex Soriano, and Wes Wright

Run and dodge obstacles by rolling. Watch out for traffic cones and glass handlers!


by C Daniel Waddell, Chris Nash, Kurt Taylor, Kendra Waddell, Kyle McCormick

Oiram by Daniel Waddell, Chris Nash, Kurt Taylor, Kendra Waddell, and Kyle McCormick

This is a game that takes the classic side scroller and flips it. You have just rescued the princess and have to figure out what to do now. I recommend getting out of the dungeon.

Save the Date

by Mint, Allen-Michael Brower, and Julian Sterling

Save the Date by Mint, Allen-Michael Brower, and Jurian Sterling

Be the matchmaker for the shy Sheila as you travel through time to make sure she meets the love of her life, Gertrude.

The Day the World Changed

by Two Scoop Games
(Alex Bezuska, Eric Lathrop )

The Day the World Changed by Two Scoop Games

The Day the World Changed is a somber reflection on the troubles a new baby can bring to a family and how it can affect the whole community. Controls: left/right arrow keys

Watch out for PartySquatch

by Roaring Cat Games
(Barry Rowe, Loi LeMix, Mike Revel )

Watch out for PartySquatch by Roaring Cat Games

As a camping enthusiast, you encounter a grumpy, suspicious park ranger who’s watching you closely for any slip ups. He wants a pristine park! Unfortunately your campsite is frequented by PartySquatch himself. What do you do now? CONTROLS: ASWD or ARROWS to move (you can only go up on trees) F to pickup/drop items

Ohio Game Developer Expo

Here is our experiece of the awesome Ohio Game Developer Expo we just attended!

Hey everyone! Ohio Game Developer Expo (#ogde2014) was a great weekend, I am really glad to have been able to make it.

We had a huge Louisville presence there with 6 Game Dev Lou attendees!

(Game Dev Lou is Louisville Kentuckys Indie Game Dev Community)

Someone even mentioned “there are a lot of you here!” when we said we were from Louisville.

Other #GameDevKY peeps were there too, like John, Lori, and Leonard from Super Soul / Power On Games / Run Jump Dev who were showing off Super Soul’s new game Speakeasy
at their booth.

I also spotted Zon (creator of Contested Space) from Bloomington’s bignight who we met at Sigma Play back in may, and again at Free Range Arcade.

We also discovered a really good breakfast place called Super Chef’s, I would recommend it if you are ever in the Columbus Area!

The thing I enjoyed most was meeting lots of regional indies and seeing what they are working on. 

Below is a a huge group of vine videos Eric and I took while trying out the games.

Begin the Vinepocalypse!

Speakeasy by @supersoulgames our pals from lexington

The expo floor at #OGDE2014

Duck by OM games

Spikey walls by @rcmadiax

Blok Drop for WiiU by @rcmadiax

Cube Drop by TeddyGaming TeddyGaming.com

Decontamination training simulation for science/education by Brian Neibecker

Lemma immersive first-person parkour game by @et1337 on the Oculus Rift

Lemma by @et1337 on the Oculus Rift

See your hands using a Leap Motion attached to an Oculus Riftpixelsofeight.com #SideVine

Pixels of Eight by Jason Stanley pixelsofeight.com

Pixels of Eight for Google cardboard pixelsofeight.com

Help save the Dinos in Hatch-it! by @multivarious

Fallen Star by @slarrimer and Renee Chen

Black Hole Party by @devnercoulson and @bensironko

Game and cabinet by Derrik Pritchard

Forge Quest Available on Steam Early Access Windows / Mac / Linux

Rising Reign by Cold Snap Games

“Ronnie” the game by @bullock67 vote for it on Steam Green Light

Block Rock by @sideboltstudios

Playing Rally Moon Racers

I also have been compiling photos Game Dev Lou peeps took at the event, those can be found here on our flickr page: 


Enjoy and let me know if you have photos you would like to add, I can give you access to the flickr account to upload them.

Eric and I also met Michael Aschenbrenner (RCMADIAX)
a Wii-U developer who we had never met before and had played our game Kick Bot on the Chrome Web Store, how cool is that?