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Ludum Dare Live Streaming!


Watch GameDevLou participate in #LDJAM #LD32 starting tonight (friday) 04-17-15 7pm -2am!

This will be a stream from a camera in the corner of the room so we can catch all the action, over 16 game devs will be working hard to create brand new games in 48 hours based on the same theme!

Twitch stream: http://www.twitch.tv/twoscoopgames


Streaming schedule:

04-17-15 7pm -2am!
04-18-15 9am -2am!
04-19-15 9am -9pm!

#GameJamTips for Ludum Dare this weekend!

Submit your own by mentioning using the hashtag #GameJamTips!

Eric Lathrop

don't install any updates on your computer until it's over.

Jupiter Hadley

#GameJamTips Rename your game files [As to not say LD32 when we download them], Keep it simple. Know that whatever you make, I will enjoy :)

Joey Andrews

Know your limits and be realistic about what you can complete in one weekend.

Zak Chaos

there are no bad themes, just bad brains

Zak Chaos

consistency is far more important than technical prowess

Zak Chaos

drink water, get sleep


Make an in-game tutorial/help menu. No one reads game descriptions, no matter how much bold font you use.


go with whatever graphics you make first


finish all/most assets Friday


write down everything while brainstorming

Anthony quisenberry

only #gamejamtip I can think of that isn't intuitive is to know the kind of game you want to make going in.

Papy Pilgrim

Make something enjoyable, not a half-baked version of "that big idea" you have in the back of your mind.

Christer Kaitila

when stumped: shower/walk. =)

Brian Bucklew


Noah Ratcliff

I have two!
1) Keep your scope small, and polish big.
2) Get enough water, good food, and rest.

Christer Kaitila

pretend the deadline is sat noon: make an mvp that "works"

Christer Kaitila

stay hydrated! It works!

Christer Kaitila

when tired: sleep

Sarah Frisk

Make sure you sleep & take occasional mental breaks. Stepping back for a half hour can help clear mental roadblocks. #LDJAM

Sarah Frisk

Learn your tools before #LDJAM!

Will Blanton

tip for today: focus on things others leave out, the biggest and best thing you can do to your jam game is kick ass audio :)


throw away your first 5-10 ideas! they’re the super obvious ones. best advice i can give

Jonatan Söderström

My advice would be: don't rely on humor too much

rouge noddle

Oh, and don't assume people are going to read the instructions before trying your game. Include a tutorial if you can!

rouge noddle

Hmm - just the usual: keep it simple, have fun, and save the drinks for the end ;)

Will Blanton

heck yeah! 1) do what you're best at 2) do what you love 3) do something new! I'll think of later :)

Joe Williamson ‏

1. Have a pen and paper todo list always beside you. Easy to scribble notes on, and so satisfying to cross things off.


stay small so you can focus on details if you want something that feels complete

kyle pulver

I always don't sleep on the 2nd night but that isn't very practical for most people haha

Joseph Baird

Don’t get hung up on new tech. Use what you know or risk fighting the tools the whole time instead of creating a game.

Joseph Baird

If you’re up late at night unable to solve a technical problem… Go to bed.

Joseph Baird

Work only in circles and rectangles the first two hours. Focus on crafting the interaction, then focus on crafting look/feel.

Joseph Baird

Premature optimization is the root of all evil. Just get things working. Scrappy is ok.

Joseph Baird

Focus on the first minute of gameplay. If you can build a fun, juicy first minute, and you have time, expand to 5 min.

Joseph Baird

Make a “Implement if there’s time” list. Every new idea goes there by default.

Sos Sosowski

Sure! How about... Make bad games!

Erin Robinson

Don't spend too long on any individual problem, and put things in using the simplest way you can think of

William Pugh

underscope underscope underscope


5. If you have audio, add a mute button/key.
6. If downloadable, make sure there's a way to quit! Esc key works well.


3. Eat! SLEEP! Solve roadblocks by walking away for a bit.
4. Audio: get some. Even if it's mouth sounds. Audacity, bfxr.

Lisa Brown

Get full nights of sleep and take plenty of time for food and breaks. Think of breaks as negative space to define your work

Lisa Brown

I like to go on a walk the first evening of the jam, or go out for food with my team. Physically remove myself from the PC.

Lisa Brown

Don't rush into things. Give yourself some time to ponder the idea, sometimes the second or third idea is better than the 1st


1. Reduce scope!!! Then reduce! Make concept expansion part of polishing.
2. Get a playable core loop ASAP & iterate.

Eric Lathrop

Limit your sugar intake so you don't have nasty energy crashes.

Barry Rowe

make sure you learn something new. If you need ideas try to prototype the project you are afraid of!

Leonard Wedderburn

get enough rest, work in a group if you can, keep scope small, know your tools and don't give up!

Loi LeMix

Get enough sleep & don't be afraid to break out of ur comfort zone. Challenge yourself and ur partner(s). Rawr!


Be prepared to hate the theme, and move on if you can't work with it. Also eat real food. Fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.

Two Scoop Games

Many voters will only play web player/ #html5 games, be sure to export for web if possible!

Two Scoop Games

if you can't host your game yourself, try itch.io!

Our Global Game Jam 2015 Games!

Cops Run!

by Chris Bellow,Martin Reimer

Cops Run! by Chris Bellow and Martin Reimer

Run from the Cops and don’t get nailed by their flying donuts of death(right now donuts don’t do any damage so you will be safe)!


by Anthony Quisenberry,Joey J Andrews,Jonathan Frazier,Rex Soriano,Wes Wright
GO MAN! by Anthony Quisenberry,Joey J Andrews,Jonathan Frazier,Rex Soriano, and Wes Wright

Run and dodge obstacles by rolling. Watch out for traffic cones and glass handlers!


by C Daniel Waddell, Chris Nash, Kurt Taylor, Kendra Waddell, Kyle McCormick

Oiram by Daniel Waddell, Chris Nash, Kurt Taylor, Kendra Waddell, and Kyle McCormick

This is a game that takes the classic side scroller and flips it. You have just rescued the princess and have to figure out what to do now. I recommend getting out of the dungeon.

Save the Date

by Mint, Allen-Michael Brower, and Julian Sterling

Save the Date by Mint, Allen-Michael Brower, and Jurian Sterling

Be the matchmaker for the shy Sheila as you travel through time to make sure she meets the love of her life, Gertrude.

The Day the World Changed

by Two Scoop Games
(Alex Bezuska, Eric Lathrop )

The Day the World Changed by Two Scoop Games

The Day the World Changed is a somber reflection on the troubles a new baby can bring to a family and how it can affect the whole community. Controls: left/right arrow keys

Watch out for PartySquatch

by Roaring Cat Games
(Barry Rowe, Loi LeMix, Mike Revel )

Watch out for PartySquatch by Roaring Cat Games

As a camping enthusiast, you encounter a grumpy, suspicious park ranger who’s watching you closely for any slip ups. He wants a pristine park! Unfortunately your campsite is frequented by PartySquatch himself. What do you do now? CONTROLS: ASWD or ARROWS to move (you can only go up on trees) F to pickup/drop items

Ludum Dare – Game Jam April 25th begins 9pm – 27th 11pm

Ludumdare www.ludumdare.com

Game Dev Lou will be participating in it’s first ever Ludum Dare event and second to date Game Jam overall with many more to come!!!

The event will be held at the LVL1 Hackerspace located at 814 East Broadway Louisville, KY 40204.

Prior to the event please be sure to: