I Make Pixels Dance with Martin Lindsey – Art Night

Artists wanted.
We have a special guest speaker this month. Martin Lindsey of Phunky Pixel Media and Louisville Black Creatives (full bio below) will be speaking on his animation process during his talk “I Make Pixels Dance.” Come to hang out, learn about making art for games, and express your creativity!

No game experience necessary!

This meetup would be a great fit for anyone who is a Graphic Designer, App Designer, User Experience Designer, Product Designer, User Interface Designer, Illustrator, Comic Artist, Visual Artist, Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, 3D Artist, Animator, and many other creative disciplines.

Feel free to bring traditional or digital art supplies and equipment/laptops.

Art Night schedule:

-7:15 p.m. Start Meeting – Brief description of the meetup, LMG, Warp Zone, Announcements

-7:25 p.m. Introductions (audience introduces themselves)

-7:30 p.m. “I Make Pixels Dance” by Martin Lindsey

-8:15–9 p.m. Free drawing/storyboarding with provided ideas and prompts. We encourage artists, programmers, and anyone interested in making games to get to know each other.

Martin Lindsey Biography

Martin Lindsey is an internationally recognized expert in social media marketing and multimedia creative technologies. Through his multimedia company, Phunky Pixel Media, Martin helps clients develop social media strategies to network their networks effectively. He also helps them
globalize their businesses by transforming their LinkedIn profiles into relationship building and business development tools.

He is the former Technology Manager at the Academy of Music Production Education and Development (AMPED) in Louisville, Kentucky where he taught 2D animation classes to kids,
and WordPress web design to adults.

Martin has also taught the fundamentals of animation and social media marketing at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
While attending DePaul University in Chicago as an animation graduate student, Martin was a fab lab facilitator in the Museum of Science and Industry’s maker space. Here is where he led museum guests in learning experiences bridging art, design, science and engineering with 3D printing, laser cutter and vinyl cutter workshops.

Martin sits on the advisory board of Ghana Code Club, a non-profit youth coding program in Accra, Ghana, committed to exposing all elementary school kids, especially the girl child, to computer science activities. Children ages 8-16 gain basic computing skills while learning to
create their own games, animations and websites.

He was also one of the inaugural brand ambassadors for kweliTV, a global streaming platform that offers independent films and movies, original docuseries, kids shows, news, and educational content from the African diaspora.

Martin is available to teach courses, workshops and seminars on Social Media Marketing, Animation, Web Design, and 3D Printing.

Martin’s Contact Information:
Email at phunkymarty@gmail.com