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2 thoughts on “Directory

  1. Daniel Hildreth

    Hi my name is Daniel. Somehow my fiancee found this site for me. I love video games and would love to learn how to make one, but I cannot aford to go to school at this time to learn it. I also unfortunately do not know anything about programming or anything related to game design. Do you all offer any classes on game design and programming, whether paid or free? Thank you in advance for your time and all.

  2. abezuska

    Hey Daniel, come to the next meeting, get to know some of the people who are part of GameDevLou. We can guide you in the direction of a ton of resources for making games for any skill level. The most important thing we do is have community where we can share ideas and help eachother along, so you will be right at home! Also I suggest participating in our next game jam, it will be Dec 5-7 and you can learn a ton being on one of the teams. ‘Learn by doing’ is the Indie game developer way, and we can help get you started!

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