ChompTheBit Recap!

Friday night was a huge success!

20 local developers from southern Indiana, Lexington, and our own Louisville based GameDevLou crew showed off their latest work to a big crowd at Zanzabar in louisville.

Zanzabar is a great spot here in Louisville that is known for having a multitude of awesome retro arcade cabinets and pinball machines.

The event was a big launch party for local studio Mommy’s Best Games‘ new mobile game ‘Finger Derpy’. Nathan and Amy Fouts (Mommy’s Best Games) had several fun activities planned, including contests with great prizes like custom Finger Derpy themed Louisville Stoneware plates!

Thanks again to Mommy’s Best Games, and Zanzabar for making this all possible, it was a great opportunity to show Louisville that yes, we do make games here, and they are rad!

Check out the games that were shown:

My old Kentucky Home

by: Amanda Wallace


by: Frogdice

Party Game Heroes including: the Lickening, Space Jeff, PPong, and more!

by: Matthew Hudgins

Disc Jockey Jockey

by: mildmojo

Spring Break 2033

by: Super Soul

No Limit Racing &
RUSH Wingsuit Racing

by: Zach Smith