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Sunday, August 17th Meeting Recap

The August 17th meeting was our first meeting at the new LVL1 Hackerspace building.

The GameDevLou group in the new LVL1 space

The GameDevLou group in the new LVL1 space

The August 17th meeting was also the first meeting after we set up our new Meetup group, so we had a bunch of new members (Caleb, Danny, Sanjay, Robbie) find us and attend their first meeting.

Mike introducing new member Caleb to the group and LVL1

Mike introducing new member Caleb to the group and LVL1

Mattie worked on her Unity Pong game.

Mattie working on her Unity Pong game

Mattie working on her Unity Pong game

Alex brought a computer for us to install our games on for the Louisville Mini Maker Faire, where we will have a GameDevLou booth. Alex had freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04 on it, and was working on installing graphics drivers and testing games.

Alex working on the Mini Maker Faire machine

Alex working on the Mini Maker Faire machine

Travis went around giving Unity advice and worked on getting Spit Ballar up and running on the Mini Maker Faire machine.

Rex and Anthony worked on their Ludum Dare 29 game Fluffykins’ Great Sorting Adventure.

Robbie Cooper worked on his game written in Ruby.

Daniel Sizemore and teammate Robbie worked on their game White Mage Killed a Guy.

Daniel Smith worked on his bullet hell shooter game.

Mattie, Robbie, and Alex at Dairy Kastle

Mattie, Robbie, and Alex at Dairy Kastle

Sunday, July 20th Meeting Recap

Today we met at Velocity Indiana and had some new members attend.

The major thing we accomplished was to get a GameDevLou directory page, and a current game projects page set up. We set up the people who attended the meeting, so if you missed it and want to get added, follow the instructions from the mailing list.

Alex finished up a version of the GameDevLou logo suitable for stickers, and many people pitched in to place an order of 100 high-quality Sticker Mule die-cut stickers. They should arrive in time for the next meeting.
Game Dev Lou Stickers Ordered

Mattie showed off a game called Pivvot, and also streamed some of The International DOTA 2 competition while trying to explain the game to us.

Nick Branstein made it to his first meeting, and showed off his game Fat Baby Dragons: Tower Defense.

Rex worked on Spit Ballar.

Daniel worked on his game White Mage Killed a Guy.

GameDevLou members at work

Barry and Mike worked on their game Bubble Runner as well as some back-end hosting issues with this blog.
GameDevLou members hard at work
Chris worked on some enemy AI for Solomon’s Temple as well as plans for his Villatron Mech arcade cabinet.

Robbie Cooper was working on his new platformer game using Ruby, gosu, and chipmunk.

Alex and Eric got the group to playtest the latest version of SyRUSH.
GameDevLou members play testing SyRUSH by Two Scoop Games

Sunday, July 6th Meeting Recap

At the July 6th meeting, we had a large turnout with 10 people showing up to Quills Coffee including several new faces.

Game Dev Lou filling up Quills Coffee

Game Dev Lou filling up Quills Coffee

Martin Reimer showed us a recent build of his nostalgic arcade game Solomon’s Temple.

Nathan Fouts showed us a recent build of his weird pigs-in-space variety game Pig Eat Ball.

Daniel Smith showed off Java and C++ versions of his in-development bullet-hell shooter game.

Mattie Richards was working on upgrading her web site.

Dan, Martin, and Nathan checking out each other's games

Dan, Martin, and Nathan checking out each other’s games

Ben James showed us his digging/crafting/survival game called “100 Days”.

Barry Rowe was working on his infinite running game informally called Bubble Runner.

Alex Bezuska and I (Eric Lathrop) were polishing up some advertising code for our new game SyRUSH.

Alex & Ben chatting while Barry works

Alex & Ben chatting while Barry works

Rex Soriano was working on a concept for a new gladiator-themed top-down brawler.

Anthony Quisenberry was working out a way to fit more monitors on the small Quills tables.

Rex & Anthony

Rex & Anthony

Nathan mentioned that he was planning some sort of public game demonstration event in the fall when Pig Eat Ball ships. Nathan also mentioned that he was setting up some sort of mailing list to announce regional Kentuckiana game development related events.

Sunday, May 25th Meeting Recap

Working Hard

Working Hard

At the May 25th meeting we:

Discussing a possible workshop

Discussing a possible workshop

Sunday May 11th Recap

We met up at LVL1 sunday as usual but with an added new face. Jeff Dehut showed up and introduced himself, he is working on a board game called Pocket Dungeon Quest. He showed us his prototype and explained the rules, and what was left in his game creation process; play testing! So Mike, Eric, and I (Alex) offered to try it out. I found it really fun, and after some refinements this could be a really great 2-4 player game.

The game is a dungeon crawler where you flip tiles to reveal the map, and move around the board taking turns. Each tile can reveal a monster you must fight, an item you can draw, gold, or any combination of those. I really loved the art style as you can see here.

Pocket Dungeon Quest explosivelimes

The objective right now is to uncover the whole map without losing any party members.

Jeff gave us (GameDevLou) his only physical copy, and said he could make more. I am glad he came and hope he continues to come and work though the process with us here as support.
This is what Game Dev Lou is all about, seeing what people are working on and being there for each-other through the game-making process.

The rest of us were all working on our own projects and made some progress, but just seeing what others are doing and getting to try out great local games is the best part of Game Dev Lou for me.

Join us next time, Sunday May 25th, the day after Sigma Play Game Developer’s Conference in Bloomington IN ( Sigma Play Website )

Jeff’s twitter handle is @explosivelimes
and you can find all of his work here

March 16th Meeting Productivity!


Today’s meeting had a smaller turnout, but higher productivity. We met at Quills and had to shuffle tables a few times before finally settling in the back. We met two new people (Tim & Darrien) who were looking to join onto a team working with Unity. I helped Rex get started on a platformer using my Splat HTML5 game engine. I also helped Mattie debug the tilt controls on her base.jump game. Alex and I got advertising working on our Ejecta iOS port of Kickbot.3/16/2014 Meeting at Quills