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GameDevLou’s Eric Lathrop gives awesome talk on GameDev at Nodevember conference!

Eric Lathrop - Nodevember 2014
On Saturday Nov 15, 2014 Our own Eric Lathrop was in Nashville Tennessee, for the first annual Nodevember conference. Despite the name, the event is about all types of JavaScript, not just the increasingly popular Node.JS.

Eric was of course representing Two Scoop Games, and Game Dev Lou very well, and gave a talk called “Making JavaScript Games: From the Browser to the App Store”. In the talk he walked through the process for a web dev to become a game dev in simple and easy to follow steps, fully illustrated with great working code/ canvas examples along the way.

On behalf of GameDevLou AND TwoScoopGames, I am extremely proud of Eric, he did a great job and looked confident and kept the crowd engaged the whole time.
I wish I could have made it out to see his talk in person. But what is the next best thing?
Full video and slides!

See the full video here:

Check out his super cool slides here: Eric’s Nodevember Slides

Ohio Game Developer Expo

Here is our experiece of the awesome Ohio Game Developer Expo we just attended!

Hey everyone! Ohio Game Developer Expo (#ogde2014) was a great weekend, I am really glad to have been able to make it.

We had a huge Louisville presence there with 6 Game Dev Lou attendees!

(Game Dev Lou is Louisville Kentuckys Indie Game Dev Community)

Someone even mentioned “there are a lot of you here!” when we said we were from Louisville.

Other #GameDevKY peeps were there too, like John, Lori, and Leonard from Super Soul / Power On Games / Run Jump Dev who were showing off Super Soul’s new game Speakeasy
at their booth.

I also spotted Zon (creator of Contested Space) from Bloomington’s bignight who we met at Sigma Play back in may, and again at Free Range Arcade.

We also discovered a really good breakfast place called Super Chef’s, I would recommend it if you are ever in the Columbus Area!

The thing I enjoyed most was meeting lots of regional indies and seeing what they are working on. 

Below is a a huge group of vine videos Eric and I took while trying out the games.

Begin the Vinepocalypse!

Speakeasy by @supersoulgames our pals from lexington

The expo floor at #OGDE2014

Duck by OM games

Spikey walls by @rcmadiax

Blok Drop for WiiU by @rcmadiax

Cube Drop by TeddyGaming

Decontamination training simulation for science/education by Brian Neibecker

Lemma immersive first-person parkour game by @et1337 on the Oculus Rift

Lemma by @et1337 on the Oculus Rift

See your hands using a Leap Motion attached to an Oculus #SideVine

Pixels of Eight by Jason Stanley

Pixels of Eight for Google cardboard

Help save the Dinos in Hatch-it! by @multivarious

Fallen Star by @slarrimer and Renee Chen

Black Hole Party by @devnercoulson and @bensironko

Game and cabinet by Derrik Pritchard

Forge Quest Available on Steam Early Access Windows / Mac / Linux

Rising Reign by Cold Snap Games

“Ronnie” the game by @bullock67 vote for it on Steam Green Light

Block Rock by @sideboltstudios

Playing Rally Moon Racers

I also have been compiling photos Game Dev Lou peeps took at the event, those can be found here on our flickr page:

Enjoy and let me know if you have photos you would like to add, I can give you access to the flickr account to upload them.

Eric and I also met Michael Aschenbrenner (RCMADIAX)
a Wii-U developer who we had never met before and had played our game Kick Bot on the Chrome Web Store, how cool is that?

SyRUSH is out now for iOS!

The latest game from us here at Two Scoop Games is SyRUSH, which we have deemed “the official waffle simulator of breakfast,” is out now and available in the iOS App Store. Feel the rush in this fast-paced arcade style game where you tap waffle squares to fill your waffle with the perfect distribution of mouth-watering toppings.¬†Full version of the game includes 7 unique toppings.

This is our first leap into Apple’s GameCenter, which means SyRUSH has online leaderbords to compete with waffle afficianados across the globe, and fun achievements to unlock.

The game is free to try, and 99 cents to purchase the full game(via in-app-purchase).

Check it out here, and download it for iOS:

Help Mommy’s Best Games get Pig Eat Ball on Steam!

PigEatBallBow_small_circleOur next game is Pig Eat Ball.
“Help Bow win back her freedom! King Cake has decreed whomever can win his contest will marry his daughter! –But SHE has other ideas!
As Princess Bow, take back your fate by winning the contest yourself!”

The contest involves solving puzzlish-action levels like eating all the balls in a given level. It’s tricky though because as you eat in this game, you get bigger! Eat too much and you’ll get stuck. Now it’s time to barf to squeeze through!
There will be hundreds of levels in the final game, with lots of level goals besides just eating balls. Things like dodging asteroids, breaking crates, building sammiches, racing, eating ice cream, and more!
There’s also a 4-player party mode, and a robust level editor for building your own levels.

Check out more info on our Steam Greenlight page and please VOTE for it. Every vote really helps. Thank you!

The game is made by Southern Indiana developer Mommy’s Best Games:

Larry Chupacabra creates huge video featuring all of our Ludum Dare 30 games!


Here are the games featured in this amazing video:

Relative to Scale:

Afterlife Dance Party:


Sneaky Nessie:

Souls Card Game:


Rover Control (GitHub):

Stanley Squeaks:

Dinner with Lisa Brown & Nick Weihs of Insomniac games


Lisa Brown, a Louisville native and Game Designer at Insomniac Games, along with Nick Weihs, Senior Gameplay Programmer at Insomniac Games, will be joining Game Dev Lou for dinner on July 10th at 7pm!

Come meet Lisa and Nick, ask them questions about working at Insomniac Games and what it’s like work in the AAA games industry. Also, feel free to bring your laptop and show off what you’ve been working on and get feedback.

Dinner will be at Zanzabar on July 10th at 7pm. Zanzabar is a restaurant, bar, and an arcade! Zanzabar is located at 2100 S Preston St, Louisville, KY 40217.

Roadtrip to RunJumpDev in Lexington

This Wed, 06-25-14 several of us from Game Dev Lou will be piling into a couple cars and heading down to Lexington, KY to visit Run Jump Dev for their monthly meeting.
Run Jump Dev is a game development community started in 2011, and we have met several of the members now online through game jams, at their booth at the Louisville Arcade Expo, and the recent Sigma Play game development conference in Bloomington, IN last month.
Wednesday, Michael Hartman from FrogDice will be talking about getting games on Steam. This is a great opportunity to learn from other developers who are traveling the same road we are on, but are further down the line. Especially for me, since getting a game on steam is a on my list of long-term goals for my game dev career.

I am looking forward to meeting more of the Run Jump Dev crew, and building the relationship with other great local indie dev communities. I hope to see you there!

If you would like to join us, the meeting is at 7pm at Awesome Inc.

We have a carpool leaving from the Kroger parking lot at 12611 Taylorsville Rd at 4:20pm. We’re meeting some of the RunJumpDev people for dinner at The Grey Goose at 5:30pm. Everyone is invited, and it’s also fine if you can’t make dinner and want to drive separate to the meeting at 7pm.

We have a discussion thread going on the google group, and that is the best place to coordinate if you want to join us.

Run Jump Dev Monthly Meeting – Steam

Wed, June 25, 7pm

Sunday May 11th Recap

We met up at LVL1 sunday as usual but with an added new face. Jeff Dehut showed up and introduced himself, he is working on a board game called Pocket Dungeon Quest. He showed us his prototype and explained the rules, and what was left in his game creation process; play testing! So Mike, Eric, and I (Alex) offered to try it out. I found it really fun, and after some refinements this could be a really great 2-4 player game.

The game is a dungeon crawler where you flip tiles to reveal the map, and move around the board taking turns. Each tile can reveal a monster you must fight, an item you can draw, gold, or any combination of those. I really loved the art style as you can see here.

Pocket Dungeon Quest explosivelimes

The objective right now is to uncover the whole map without losing any party members.

Jeff gave us (GameDevLou) his only physical copy, and said he could make more. I am glad he came and hope he continues to come and work though the process with us here as support.
This is what Game Dev Lou is all about, seeing what people are working on and being there for each-other through the game-making process.

The rest of us were all working on our own projects and made some progress, but just seeing what others are doing and getting to try out great local games is the best part of Game Dev Lou for me.

Join us next time, Sunday May 25th, the day after Sigma Play Game Developer’s Conference in Bloomington IN ( Sigma Play Website )

Jeff’s twitter handle is @explosivelimes
and you can find all of his work here