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Our Ludum Dare 30 Games

Ben James – “Relative to Scale”

You start as an amoeba. You evolve through 5 stages, each with their own game play mechanics. Everything is relative to scale. Everything is connected. All the worlds are connected but know nothing of each other. Take a trip through size and space.  (

Lisa Brown – “Afterlife Dance Party”

Just an illicit dance party between forbidden friends. 

Eric Lathrop, Alex Bezuska, Wai Ying Lam – “Stanley Squeaks and the Emerald Burrito”

Stanley Squeaks is an adventuring hamster on a quest to obtain the Emerald Burrito. Help Stanley solve puzzles and avoid traps in an ancient temple.

Mint – “Rails”

In which you literally just get on a subway. Falling off the subway is unintentional.

Loi LeMix, Barry Rowe – “Sneaky Nessie”

You play as the lovable mythical creature, Nessie, trying to secretly make your way out of the lake, and through the environment. You’re risking exposure because you feel drawn to the other side of the town by an unknown force. Use your prehistoric agility, hiding skills, and special disguises to avoid being seen on your journey.

Travis Garrison, Anthony Quisenberry. Rex Soriano – “l30reboot”

Daniel Sizemore – “Rover Control”


An interesting mars rover game that implemented a delayed control scheme to simulate the delay of a real remote rover. The goal is to navigate the rover through the treacherous terrain without running into destructive obstacles.

Jeff Dehut – Souls


The spiritual world and the physical world are connected to each other in ways that no mortal being can comprehend. Souls is a card game that plays upon the concept of these CONNECTED WORLDS.

Extra Life Fundraiser

Extra Life Logo

On October 25, 2014, Travis Garrison will be participating in the Extra Life worldwide 24-hour game marathon to raise money for Kosair Children’s Hospital. Kosair Children’s Hospital treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents.

Travis needs your support in the form of a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to Kosair Children’s Hospital. Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

Support Travis with a donation on the Extra Life site.

Sunday, August 17th Meeting Recap

The August 17th meeting was our first meeting at the new LVL1 Hackerspace building.

The GameDevLou group in the new LVL1 space

The GameDevLou group in the new LVL1 space

The August 17th meeting was also the first meeting after we set up our new Meetup group, so we had a bunch of new members (Caleb, Danny, Sanjay, Robbie) find us and attend their first meeting.

Mike introducing new member Caleb to the group and LVL1

Mike introducing new member Caleb to the group and LVL1

Mattie worked on her Unity Pong game.

Mattie working on her Unity Pong game

Mattie working on her Unity Pong game

Alex brought a computer for us to install our games on for the Louisville Mini Maker Faire, where we will have a GameDevLou booth. Alex had freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04 on it, and was working on installing graphics drivers and testing games.

Alex working on the Mini Maker Faire machine

Alex working on the Mini Maker Faire machine

Travis went around giving Unity advice and worked on getting Spit Ballar up and running on the Mini Maker Faire machine.

Rex and Anthony worked on their Ludum Dare 29 game Fluffykins’ Great Sorting Adventure.

Robbie Cooper worked on his game written in Ruby.

Daniel Sizemore and teammate Robbie worked on their game White Mage Killed a Guy.

Daniel Smith worked on his bullet hell shooter game.

Mattie, Robbie, and Alex at Dairy Kastle

Mattie, Robbie, and Alex at Dairy Kastle